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Training Grants For Employees

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grants for small business

Training Grant Benefits

grants for small business

Training Grants offer subsidies covering upwards of 66%* of eligible costs.

Per fiscal year, you can get: $300,000.00 in total subsidy value, or $10,000.00 per individual trainee.*

*Depending on your location

We secure and manage the application for you. GrantFinders has helped Canadian SMEs in a variety of sectors complete 50+ applications. Reap the benefits, and get back to core operations.

grants for small business

Eligibility Requirements

grants for small business

Are You:

1 Year Fully Operational?

Having less than 1 year of operation limits your eligibility to grants outside our area of expertise.

Registered in AB or BC?

The grant is offered on a province-by-province basis. We specialize in the grants provided to compaines in AB and BC.

Applying for Canadian Citizens?

Only employees who are Canadian (citizen/PR) employees are eligible grant candidate recipients.

Seeking 3rd Party Training?

The applicant must not have relations with the training provider that consitute a confilict of interest.

grants for small business

Please Note:

grants for small business


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