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Job Boards For Canadian Employers

There are many job boards for Canadian Employers. We’ve selected the best and most reliable to choose from for your student hiring need.

Indeed Hiring Platform GrantFinders Hiring Strategy


The #1 job board in the world, you can't go wrong with Indeed.

LinkedIn GrantFinders Profile Logo Link

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn matches jobs to relevant profiles.

GrantFinders Help With Clients Student Hiring


Egg-cellent job board for recent post-secondary graduates

Student Hiring Help Coop Programs


A job board which doubles as a platform to build your organization's precense.

Student Hiring Canadian Small Business

Job Bank

The Canadian Government's official recruiting resource for employers.

Monster GrantFinders Hiring Programs Hiring Strategy


Posting jobs on Monster is a worthwhile investment of time.

Co-op Office Connections

Co-op offices have students that need jobs. Connect with them to access talented student hires.


University of Waterloo

In 2016, Startup Compass found that UoW alumni were the second-most frequently hired in small and medium-sized companies in Silicon Valley.

GrantFinders Client Logo

University of Ryerson

Known for their creative, engineering and business programs, Ryerson offers un-paralleled co-operative services to employers and students.

Dalhousie Univertisy Seal GrantFinders Client Small Business Grants

University of Dalhousie

A U15 post-secondary institution with an excellent student body.

GrantFinders Client University of Victoria UVIC

University of Victoria

A top BC school, The University of Victoria is known for its strong business, law and engineering program.

GrantFinders For Small Canadian Businesses

University of Concordia

Ranked #1 North American University under 50, Concordia is known for its diverse programs and engineering school.

Langara College GrantFinders Coop Programs Partners

Langara College

Langara is one of BC's leading undergraduate institutions providing University Studies, Career Studies, and Continuing Studies.

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In addition to our own connections with University co-op offices, we are happy to point you in the right direction to find talented students labor for your business.

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