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Spotlight – Telsec Property Corporation

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We are proud to be working with Telsec Property Corporation, who specialize in connecting small Calgary businesses with bay industrial, office and retail spaces. Today they provide space for over 200 small businesses. Learn more about Telsec here.


Telsec first started using Grant Finders in 2021. Since connecting with us, they have managed to leverage student hiring grants for $14,500, secured an additional $7,500, and are projected to secure another $7000 for a total of $29,000, to subsidize 73% of the total wages paid to one student hire. That student is Fetiha Yassin, who has been approved 3 times, and is on-track for a 4th approval. Her extended period working with Telsec has allowed her to grow into a valuable member of the company, and she operates with increasing autonomy and expertise. She joined in the summer of 2021, and plans to continue her placement into the summer of 2022.

Fetiha has gained valuable experience, and was given a chance to become proficient in the skill-set of the position, while Telsec has gained a valuable employee, at the fraction of the usual cost. Fetiha’s story is a great example of how a student that fits well with your company can stay onboard, and have the cost of their wages heavily offset.

Fetiha’s ongoing time with Telsec is an excellent model of how how best to make use of student hiring grants, as well as a demonstration of the flexibility and benefits that the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) can offer!