Training & Hiring

Employee Training Grants

Training grants are available for all Canadian employers to help their employees learn new skills. The training must be completed by an external training provider and be relevant to the employees position. Examples of eligible courses include: leadership/culture workshops,  digital marketing skills (SEO, web design, etc.), CPA Canada, apprenticeship training,  business strategy,  growth-hacking, first aid, how to use new equipment/software and many more!

Grant Value: 60-100% of training cost covered. Amount covered depends on what type of training it is and in which province the training is taking place. Contact us to find out exactly what your business will qualify for. 

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A Canadian youth is hired through a hiring grant program

Hiring Grants

Hiring grants are available to subsidize the wages of hiring Canadian citizens or permanent residents between the ages of 15-30. Funding is available for internships and co-ops, as well as recent graduates in technology related positions. We work with grant delivery organizations to find out when popular programs expect to be refunded to ensure that you don’t miss out. You will be guided towards programs that suit the role you have in mind and we will vet candidates to confirm eligibility. Once approved, your consultant will take responsibility of the reimbursement process to ensure you receive full payment of the approved funding.

Grant Value: $7,500 – $30,000 in wage subsidies. Recent graduates are eligible for more funding than current students but, student hiring programs are more regularly available. 

Market Expansion

Canadian companies who have at least $100K in revenue and want to expand into “new” international markets are eligible for the CanExport market expansion grant. A new market is one in which you have less than $100K in sales in already. This grant provides funding for expansion activities such as hiring consultants to help with market research, sales or business development in that new region. You can also apply for funds to cover digital marketing costs, promotional materials, tax/legal advice and virtual trade shows. Expenses for travel, in-person trade shows and per diems for those activities are on hold due to COVID but will return in the future. 

Grant Value: $100K per year or $75K per application. A limit of 2 applications per year applies. First time applications will likely be approved for $50-60K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please submit a contact form for us to evaluate how to best help you based on your needs. Once we determine together what type of service you require, an estimate will be provided.

You will not be charged for grant applications that do not get approved. Our contract clearly outlines this guarantee so you have peace of mind before engaging in any work with a consultant.

You will need to provide GrantFinders with a point of contact from your business (or yourself) that can verify company specific information such as addresses, e-mails, etc.

You will also be responsible for reviewing and submitting the completed grant applications, as well as forwarding correspondence from grant delivery organizations to us.

If you confirm you would like to proceed with an application and then decide not to use it, you will be charged for the work already completed. If the reason for cancellation is out of your control, the fee will be waived.

Unfortunately, no. Training, hiring and market expansion grants have a consistent evaluation process that allows for a very high success rate unlike many other funding programs.

Training grants will be approved within 1-2 months and paid out within 1-2 weeks after submission of the proof of payment.

Hiring grants will be approved within 1-2 weeks and paid out either at the halfway or end point of an internship.

Market expansion grants will be approved within 4 months and paid out when the proof of payment for the individual activities within the grant are submitted.