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grants for small business

Student Grant Information

grants for small business

Student Hiring Grants offer a wage subsidy of 50% up to $5,000 or 70% up to $7,000 for underrepresented groups. 

We secure and manage them for you. Students must be Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, or Protected Refugees, enrolled in a valid post-secondary program, and be hired as employees on company payroll. Family members are not allowed to apply for one another.

Program Short-List

Magnet GrantFinders Tool for Finding Grants and Students

Magnet Student Workplace Program

Offers funding to new businesses that hire students in any meaningful work integrated learning (WIL) experience. 

Bio Talent Logo Client GrantFinders Small Business Grants

BioTalent Canada's Student Work Placement Program

For new businesses that hire students in a role deeply involved with biology. Roles in Bio-Tech. and Healthcare are preferred by the program coordinators.

Eco Canada GrantFinders Client Small Business Canadian Grants

ECO Canada Student Work Placement

This program offers funding to up-and coming businesses who innovate and work with environmentally conscious technology.

grants for small business

Student Hiring Strategy

grants for small business

We’ve made connections with 6 student co-op offices at some of Canada’s top post-secondary institutions. 


University of Waterloo

GrantFinders Client Logo

University of Ryerson

Dalhousie Univertisy Seal GrantFinders Client Small Business Grants

University of Dalhousie

GrantFinders Client University of Victoria UVIC

University of Victoria

GrantFinders For Small Canadian Businesses

University of Concordia

Langara College GrantFinders Coop Programs Partners

Langara College

Job Boards are a great way to connect with talented post-secondary students who are eager to contribute to your workforce. We’ve compiled a list of the most efficient and user-friendly services to choose from.

grants for small business

Program Updates & Strategy

grants for small business

Student Hiring Grants (and grants in general) are always changing due to government and delivery organization developments. 

We’ll keep you in the loop, and recommend best practices to take advantage of student hiring grants in a way that suits your unique business needs.


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