Hiring Strategy

Can hiring students help your business?

grantfinders student hiring strategy

You’re not alone in wondering how to best use student hiring grants for your business. What we’ve found is that our customers have the best experience when using grant funding to supplement their business rather than guiding it. There’s a few questions to consider when deciding if student hiring grants are right for you:


Does the position you’re hiring for require a high level of experience and expertise to be effective? 

If yes, then you should consider hiring an expert and spending more on their wages. Unfortunately, there isn’t any support for hiring people with expertise but if that’s what the job requires, it’s best not to cut corners.


Will this position require a large amount of training and time invested before providing value?

The most successful internships are positions that don’t require a huge amount of training in order to get started. Some examples are customer success (sales/demos), data collection, software dev, administrative assistants, social media coordinators, accounting support and more. If you have a team in place that can manage and support a student hire then it’s a no brainer to have more hands on deck. 


Do you spend a lot of time and resources on recruiting?

If yes, student hires are an easy way to find excellent candidates for permanent positions. Once students graduate they’re looking for full-time permanent roles and will remember the amazing internship they had at your company. Big corporations invest heavily in student recruitment for this reason and a hiring subsidy will allow you to compete with big companies and take advantage of the youth talent pool.


Still not sure? Book a free consultation with us and we’ll help you brainstorm ideas specific to your company.