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We simplify the application process, and walk you through each step of the way. Our clients are satisfied with our ability to de-mystify the confusion and requirements surrounding grants.



We will maximize the time you save. We write and manage your applications with speed and proficiency, so that you can get back to running your own business.



We will follow-up with you. Our work goes beyond deliverables, we won't rest until money is in your pocket.

Our GrantFinders Team

Darrien Scott - GrantFinders Team

Darrien Scott

Owner, Director

Darrien joined Grant Finders at its inception as a visual designer, and helped launch the company’s look and created its key designs. He later joined Grant Finders as a Grant Coordinator, and began learning about how to connect small businesses with government funding for training and hiring. An excellent writer and a keen listener, Darrien has secured many approvals on behalf of a diverse client list. Darrien believes in the Canadian government’s mission to support small innovative businesses, and takes his work to make grants more accessible personally. A storyteller at heart, Darrien loves seeing the underdog have its day.

Aaron Kopelow Founder | GrantFinders Team

Aaron Kopelow


Aaron started learning about the world of grants after graduating from UBC Engineering and then becoming an account manager at a consulting company. He was shocked to discover the amount of funding available to for-profit businesses and over time developed strategies to maximize access to these funds. After securing $650,000+ in subsidies for over 70 different businesses, he decided to take his enthusiasm for grants to a new level by starting his own consultancy. Aaron takes great pride in providing a level of service above and beyond expectations by prioritizing quality over quantity. A public funding advocate, Aaron genuinely cares about making grants more accessible and celebrates clients approvals like his own. 


Gaining Experience

Aaron started GrantFinders in 2020 after leaving his role as an Account Manager at another grant consulting company. He had experienced first hand how many business owners were struggling to understand the full scope of funding available to them and knew there was more room to help. 

97% Success

We believe our 97% success rate reflects our commitment to our business partners’ success. We’re confident that our story is just beginning and we’d love you to join us and build our companies together!

About GrantFinders History Of Their Company Which Started in 2020

Rapid Growth

Starting the business without a single existing client, the company secured over $500K in funding within the first year. We’ve built our success by focusing on taking the administrative burden off of our clients and reducing their stress with clear instructions and timely delivery.

Canada Wide

Don’t let your location limit you – GrantFinders service businesses all across Canada. We’re partnered with organizations in major cities like Vancouver, Calgary and Kelowna, and businesses located in smaller communities can take advantage of our service as well. Eligible post-secondary student hires come from diverse backgrounds, and can provide a valuable asset to businesses across the country.


The Team


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